UF-CTA Affiliated Faculty:

Kati Migliaccio

Title and department: Assistant Professor,Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Address: Tropical Research and Education Center
18905 S.W. 280 Street
Homestead, FL 33031-3314

Phone: 305-246-7001 x.288
E-mail:  klwhite@ufl.edu
Homepage:  http://kwm.ifas.ufl.edu


B.S. Texas A&M University 1997
M.S. University of Kentucky 1999
Ph.D. University of Arkansas 2005

Research Interests (with focus on Tropical Agriculture)

My research program is in the area of Water Resource Engineering and focuses on conservation of water resources and water-related agricultural sustainability through application of engineering principles.  Specifically, my research includes investigating soil moisture based irrigation methods, watershed level modeling considering water quality, GIS applications, and assessing components of the water balance.  Although my program does not entirely focus on tropical agriculture, I am currently conducting research related to irrigation of avocado and papaya (Homestead, FL) using soil moisture sensors and historic evapotranspiration methods.   

My tropical agriculture studies are all multi-year field projects from which data is still being collected; hence, there have been no publications as of yet.

Extramural support during past 3 years for this research is from the USDA-CSREES.


Teaching Interests (with focus on Tropical Agriculture)

I do not have a teaching appointment and do not teach formal coursework.  However, I advice several PhD and MS graduate students in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department and occasional teach short courses or guest lecture on various topics.

Extension/Outreach Interests (with focus on Tropical Agriculture)

Although I have two extension programs, one of these programs is related to tropical agriculture. This program is my agricultural sustainability program which focuses on developing better water related practices (or best management practices) for agricultural production so that production systems are more sustainable considering economics, agricultural product or yield, and the environment.  This program is described in more detail in an EDIS publication (Migliaccio, 2007, Sustainability of Agriculture in Miami-Dade County: Considering Water Supply).  Components of this program include workshops, field days, hand-outs, demonstrations, and other activities that transfer information to the tropical agricultural producers.

International Activities (with focus on Tropical Agriculture)

My international activities have consisted primarily of reviewing journal articles for international journals, reviewing international proposals, and attending and presenting at international society meetings.  However, in 2007 I also participated in a 2-week seminar series in Chiapas, Mexico entitled ‘De Frutas y Ornamentales del Tropico Conference’ and gave a lecture on ‘Irrigation efficiency: watershed management strategies.'


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